Rashtarpati Bhawan at Delhi, India https://youtu.be/hduwkaOcp6o

Surya Temple at Konark, India https://youtu.be/EGFFAVB-_Ow

Sydney Opera House https://youtu.be/J7UiX84Wdbo

Ceiling Design https://youtu.be/TdU7HFMIJV0




1. What are mutual funds?
2. How Do Mutual Funds Work?
3. How do Mutual Funds Generate Returns for Investors?
4. How does the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) of mutual funds work?
5. Different Mutual Funds
6. Required documents for mutual funds
7. Why do People buy Mutual Funds…

Table of Contents

Definition of Stock

What is Stock-Exchange?

How Share Prices Are Set

Benefits of an Exchange Listing

Problems of an Exchange Listing

Investing in Stocks

Largest Stock Market Exchange

If the considered investing within the inventory market scares you, you should not alone. People with very- limited experience in equity investments are either afraid of…


I am an Architect by Profession and deals with Valuation of properties (Land and Building) and other various kinds of Loans with Banks and other institutions.

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